CNG natural gas compressor

Compressor model: VF-0.32/(30-200) -250 CNG compressor.
The range of compressor displacement at the substation: average flow rate of 300-1500Nm3/h,
Compressor structural form: Z-type, V-type, D-type.

Compressed gas: natural gas
Flow rate: 0.32m3/min
Inlet pressure: 3-20MPa
Exhaust pressure: 25MPa

CNG natural gas compressor

Based on the customer's usage requirements (flow rate/purity/pressure, usage environment, main uses, and special customer requirements), we provide independent solutions tailored to the customer from design to product customization.

Characteristics of standard station compressor parameters: 

inlet range: 3.0~2.0MPa (selected according to actual demand); Processing capacity: 400Nm3/h~2200Nm3/h (selected according to actual demand); The basic components are manufactured under the German Demag V series production license; Adopting segmented intake design technology; Neat prying, with soundproof casing, noise reduction 75@bd (A) ; Fully automatic intelligent control, capable of achieving unmanned operation

Sub station compressor use: natural gas is input through pipelines, pressurized inside the station, and directly or stored in fixed gas storage cylinder groups (wells), serving as a refueling station for CNG vehicles to fill compressed natural gas.

Compressor performance description: 

Adopting advanced piston compressor units. Gas valves, piston rings and other vulnerable parts are made of products from Austria's Holberg company, with a service life of over 8000 hours. Soft start allows the compressor to start and stop frequently. Wide range intake, suitable for a wide range of applications. The overall pry mounted structure has low noise and is easy to install in urban areas, saving investment. Siemens PLC control system with high degree of automation.

Structure introduction: 

The compressor is a reciprocating compressor. It can be divided into two categories: basic and non basic, and the entire machine is mainly composed of a fixed part and a moving part. The fixed part consists of parts such as the body, middle body, gasoline cover, cylinder, and cylinder seat. The motion part is composed of crankshaft, connecting rod, crosshead, piston, air valve and other parts, and is equipped with pipeline and instrument control system.

Cooling methods: 1. Water cooling 2. Air cooling 3. Mixed cooling (selected according to actual needs)

Overall structural form: fixed, mobile, pry mounted, soundproof cabin (selected according to actual needs)