CNG Gas Cylinder Group

Applicable medium: CNG (compressed natural gas)
Scope of application: Industrial and civilian
Inlet pipe diameter: DN25
Outlet pipe diameter: DN25
Design pressure: 22MPa
Import pressure: 20MPa
Outlet pressure: 20MPa
Design temperature: -19 to 60 ℃
Working temperature: room temperature
Structural type: container type

Description of CNG Gas Cylinder Group:
Gas cylinder group is a kind of advanced gas filling manifold device, cause of easy operation and convenient shipment, widely used on large factories & mines who need massive industrial gases.
Gases cylinder groups is a metal structure frame for gathering unit cylinders, this request compact structure, reasonable design, light weight and high strength of tensile. It's right for users who need container supplying gas & mass gas supplying. This style make convenient & smooth movement for forklift truck or crane. Usually cylinder group is customized upon request, like: high pressure filling then high pressure output, also high pressure filling then low pressure output by pressure reducer. it's easy to use and safety reliable, higher work efficiency, widely applied for home and abroad market.
BYSL has two types cylinder groups ( upright & horizontal), produced by international industry standard.