CNG unloading column

Electronic Calibration
Printer (option)
Lock function
Stop fueling by integer sale
Can set the decimal point for the display, so can be used in many country with different currency rate
Leaves the communication ports, so it can communicate with the gas station management system
GPRS function (option)

1、 Main technical indicators:

Applicable medium: Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

Flow range: 60-5000Nm3/min

Rated pressure: 25MPa

Measurement accuracy: ± 0.5%

Measurement repeatability accuracy: 1/2 of measurement accuracy

Explosion proof level Exdibem II AT4

Environmental temperature: -25~+55 ℃

Environmental humidity: 30-90% RH

Power supply: 220VAC ± 20%

Power off redisplay: no less than 15 minutes

Gas refill display: 1000 times

IC card specifications: RF card certified by SAM

2、 Main functional features:

The chassis is made of a combination of fiberglass, stainless steel, and spray molding technology, with a novel and elegant appearance, ergonomic design, and convenient operation and maintenance.

A self-developed computer measurement and control system with fast and convenient software upgrades.

Display: Using a large blue mode LCD display or a high brightness light-emitting diode (LED), with a display word height of 1.2“

Equipped with tax control, IC card, and communication reserved interfaces, it can be connected to the upper computer.

The gas dispenser has a preset gas dispensing function with a fixed gas volume and amount.

The gas dispenser can reproduce the gas filling data for 1000 times for inspection purposes; You can also set up to save data for one week, and connect to the upper computer to save data for more than one year.

Recommend using imported pneumatic valves; Long service life, good sealing, not easily blocked by ice, with a service life of up to 200000 times.

The gas dispenser has a comprehensive safety interlock system, which can automatically shut down in case of loss of pressure, overpressure, overcurrent, overcharging, interruption of metering signal, or system failure of pressure transmitter.

Equipped with temperature pressure compensation function.

Adapt To Temperature



AC220V±20% (50±1Hz)

Flow rate

2-30 m3 /min (Standard) 

Mass flowmeter accuracy


Working pressure


Density preset range


Number of digits displayed on the display



Unit price range

0~9999, 0~999999 (Changeable)

Single range

1~9900.00,1~999900.00 (Changeable)

Accumulative range