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When do water well drilling rigs need to be cleaned?

Water well drilling rigs usually need to be cleaned under the following circumstances:

When a drilling operation is completed, the surface of the equipment as well as the drilling tools will be covered with a large amount of dirt, rock chips and other debris, which will need to be cleaned at this time.

If the water well drilling rig has not been used for a long time, it needs to be cleaned before it is activated again to remove any dust, rust, etc. that may have accumulated.

After operating in a harsh working environment, such as after working in muddy and dusty environments, the equipment needs to be cleaned in order to keep its performance and appearance neat.

When the operation of the equipment is found to be abnormal, such as a decrease in drilling efficiency, abnormal sounds, etc., it may be due to contaminated or clogged parts, which also need to be cleaned to troubleshoot the problem.

For example, after a long period of time in the dusty site operation, all parts of the water well drilling rig may be covered with dust, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive cleaning in a timely manner; or when the water well drilling rig is idle for some time and then re-activated, the cleaning can ensure that it operates normally.


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