CNG gas dispensers

Functional features

Zhengxing brand CNG dispenser is a self-developed refueling equipment by our company specifically designed for CNG refueling stations. It adopts an integrated design, with comfortable visual effects, reasonable structural layout, and easy use. The design of this series of products fully considers various practical issues, with flexible operation and accurate measurement and billing. Suitable for use in various types of gas stations and oil and gas mixing stations.

Structural features:

The structure is simple, and through design optimization, the number of pipe sleeve interfaces is reduced, reducing pipeline failure points. The internal space layout of the machine is reasonable and easy to maintain.

The key components use imported components to ensure accurate product measurement, stable performance, and safety and reliability. In addition, the components have good universality and interchangeability, which can meet the different needs of different customers for model configurations.

● Electronic part: The circuit adopts intrinsic safety design and high-performance microcomputer motherboard to ensure accurate measurement display and reliable data collection and storage. The human-computer interaction design is reasonable and convenient.

In terms of models: models with different flow rates and configurations can be selected to meet the needs of gas stations of various scales.

Appearance: The appearance of the model can be flexibly customized to meet the requirements of different corporate images.

Functional features:

The filter can be cleaned online for easy use.

There is an inlet ball valve installed at the intake for easy maintenance of the entire machine.

The pipeline pressure can be displayed through a pressure gauge and also supports electronic pressure display (key display board display).

The calibration time for the entire machine can be set, and a calibration prompt will be provided before the calibration expires.

Chinese fault display for easy follow-up service.

● Support quality measurement units (kg) to adapt to new standard requirements.

Low power design (96W), energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Product model

● Single line/double line/triple line gas dispensers, filling/unloading columns

Standard flow rate: (1-25) kg/min, i.e. (1-30) Nm3/min

High flow rate: (1-28) kg/min, i.e. (1-40) Nm3/min

Single/Double/Four Guns

Standard/Skid mounted/Vehicle mounted models

Product configuration

● High end A type ● High end B type ● Standard A type ● Standard B type

technical parameter

Applicable medium: CNG - Compressed Natural Gas;

Maximum working pressure: 25MPa;

● Rated pressure: 20MPa;

● Compression strength: 37.5MPa;

Measurement accuracy: 0.5%;

● Measurement repeatability accuracy: 1/2 of measurement accuracy;

Explosion proof level: Exdeibmb II AT4 Gb (gas dispenser); Exdeibmb II BT4 Gb (gas loading/unloading machine);

● Environmental temperature: -25 ℃ to+55 ℃;

● Environmental humidity: 30% to 95% RH;

Environmental atmospheric pressure: 65-110kPa;

● Working power supply: AC 220V (-15%~10%)/50Hz (Hz);

● Gas refill display: Last 255 times;

● Flow range: (1-25) kg/min for standard flow rate gas dispensers;

(1-28) kg/min for high flow gas dispensers;

(1-56) kg/min is the unloading column;

(1-63) kg/min is the gas column;

Measurement unit: quantity kg, amount yuan, unit price yuan/kg

● Minimum division value of reading: 0.01 kg or 0.01 yuan;

● Minimum division value of reading: 0.01 kg or 0.01 yuan;

● Single measurement range: 0-9990.00 kg or yuan;

Accumulated measurement range: 0-42949672.95 kg or yuan;

● Prefabricated unit price range: 0.01~99.99 yuan/m or/kg;

● Density prefabrication range: 0.0001~0.9999kg/m307;

● Prefabricated quantitative range: 1-9999kg or yuan;

LCD display: unit price (yuan/kg), gas volume (kg), and amount (yuan);

● Breaking force of the rupture valve: ≥ 400N (at rated pressure);

Flow meter: Imported mass flow meter with temperature sensor for compensation.