300m multi-functional crawler water well drilling rig machine with mud pump

Maximum borehole depth: 300m
borehole diameter: 105-273mm
pipe diameter: 76-89mm
engine power: 90KW

300B series water well drilling rig adopts multi-functional full hydraulic control, and the overhead power head drives the rotation, with high drilling efficiency. The whole machine has compact layout and small size, which can meet the requirements of well drilling and culvert transportation. 

The drill is equipped with a 90 kW engine and a 50 / 50 / 25 gear hydraulic oil pump. The main engine adopts crawler self-propelled type. It has good mobility and is convenient for construction in complex terrain in cities and mountainous areas. 

The hydraulic system adopts variable system. The compound telescopic sliding frame of the drilling rig greatly reduces the labor intensity and improves the construction efficiency and project quality.

It is widely used in drilling ground source air conditioning holes, water wells, testing wells, dewatering wells, rescue wells and other engineering projects.

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