180m Crawler Pneumatic Water Well Drill Rig

GZ-180m pneumatic water well drilling rig is a lightweight, efficient and multifunctional drilling equipment.suitable for industrial,well drilling and geothermal drilling projects.

Main feature:

1. High power, fast drilling speed and low unit fuel consumption;

2. The diameter of the hole is up to 245~294mm;

3. Tracked chassis improves off-road performance.

Pneumatic Drill Rig

Pneumatic drilling rigs are mainly characterized by strong power, and their efficiency is 10 to 15 times that of ordinary hydraulic water wells.

It usually takes only one day to drill a well.

Pneumatic Drill Rig


Drill Mast (m)3
Drilling diameter (mm)130-254
Drilling depth(m)180
one-time advance length (m)3.6
Walking Speed (km/h)2.5
Engine brandYunnei
Main motor power42kw
Working pressure (mpa)1.45-2.5
Air consumption (m³/min)17-31
Drill pipe diameter (mm)76/89
Drill pipe length (m)1.5/2.0/3.0
Lifting force (T)12
Rotating speed (rpm)40-65
Rotary torque (N.m)3500-3800
Machine weight (T)4.5

Pneumatic Drill Rig