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What materials are needed to guarantee in the drilling process?

The drilling process requires some important material security as follows:

1. Drilling equipment and tools:

This includes drilling rigs, drill bits, drill pipes, etc.

2. fuel and energy:

Such as diesel fuel, electricity, etc. to drive the equipment.

3. drilling mud or fluids:

Used to stabilize the well wall, cool the drill bit and carry rock cuttings.

4. drilling tools and accessories:

Such as drill collars, joints, etc.

5. lubricating oil and grease:

To ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

6. wire ropes and cords:

For lifting and lowering equipment.

7. pipes and fittings:

To transport drilling fluids and other substances.

8. electrical equipment and cables:

To provide power supply.

9. communication equipment:

Maintains contact with the surface.

10. safety equipment:

Such as helmets, safety belts, etc.

11. testing and measuring equipment:

To monitor drilling parameters.

12. tools and spare parts:

To facilitate maintenance and replacement of equipment.

13. Protective gear:

To protect the safety and health of workers.

14. living materials:

To meet the basic needs of workers.

15. transportation equipment:

Transportation of supplies and equipment.

16. storage facilities:

Store supplies.

17. lighting equipment:

Ensure adequate lighting at the operation site.

18. documentation and recording tools:

Used to document the drilling process and data.


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