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What are the common drilling methods?

The following are some common drilling methods:

1. Rotary drilling:

Drilling into the formation by rotating the drill bit.

2. Impact Drilling:

Drilling by utilizing an impactor to generate impact force.

3. directional drilling:

Able to control the direction and trajectory of the borehole.

4. downhole power drilling:

The drill bit is driven by power downhole.

5. Combined drilling:

Combining multiple drilling methods.

6. air drilling:

Uses compressed air as the circulating medium.

7. Foam drilling:

Mixing air and liquid to form foam as a circulating medium. 

8. underbalanced drilling: 

keeping the pressure in the wellbore lower than the formation pressure.

9. deep well drilling:

Used to drill wells of greater depth.

10. horizontal drilling:

To extend the borehole in a horizontal direction.

11. marine drilling:

Drilling operations carried out in the marine environment.

12. geothermal drilling:

A drilling method specifically designed to exploit geothermal energy.


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