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What is the working principle of dredge slurry pump?

The working principle of marine slurry pump can be simply understood as follows: centrifugal force is generated through the rotation of the impeller, and the medium (such as mud, slurry, etc.) is sucked into the pump and transported to the specified position under the pressure of the pump.

When the pump starts, the motor drives the impeller to rotate at high speed, and the blades in the impeller stir the medium to produce a certain flow rate and pressure. The medium is thrown out of the impeller under the action of centrifugal force and enters the outlet pipe of the pump. Under the action of the pump head, the medium is transported away from the pump.

The design and structure of marine slurry pump will be optimized according to different working conditions and media characteristics to improve the efficiency and reliability of the pump. At the same time, the sealing and wear-resistant parts of the pump are also specially treated to ensure long-term stable operation under harsh working conditions.


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