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Reasons and treatment methods for drill bit jamming during drilling

In the project, if the drilling rig has any failure, it will not only affect the expenditure but also delay the schedule. But the rig failure and can not be avoided, we can only try to minimize the probability of failure. For some simple and not very professional fault can repair their own repair, which can effectively improve the construction efficiency, and to achieve this standard then you must understand some of the common faults of engineering Drilling Rigs and maintenance methods, of course, if the problem is too specialized then it is best not to deal with their own.

drill bit jamming

The common faults of engineering drilling rigs are usually stuck drill, brazing rod or bit failure, unable to chip, as well as drilling machine powerlessness and other faults. The solutions are as follows.

1. Stuck drill

In the process of drilling, the phenomenon that the drilling tool is trapped in the well and cannot move freely due to various reasons is called stuck drilling.

The drilling tools cannot be lifted out of the well, or even cannot be lowered or rotated, and some stuck drills cannot circulate the drilling fluid. This is a common accident in drilling work. Its solution is also very plus single, that is to clean up.

2. Failure of drill pipe or bit

It should be caused by operation and common reasons that the drill pipe or drill bit fails to work properly. The best solution is to replace them.

3. Failure to remove chips

Some kinds of engineering drilling rigs have poor chip removal effect, so it is favorite to cause chip removal blockage. The solution is to unclog it, but the best preventive effect is to turn on the air volume a little more.

4. Rig weakness

There are many factors that cause the rig to be weak, if it is pneumatic, it may be insufficient air pressure, and there are many reasons that cause insufficient air pressure, which need to be repaired after searching, and if it is hydraulic, it is mostly because of insufficient oil or problems with the oil pump. Check and repair can be.

Of course, these knowledge engineering drilling rigs in the common faults and solutions, not all the faults, only for your reference.


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