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What are the common failures and solutions of sand dredger slurry pumps?

The following are some common failures and solutions of marine slurry pumps:

The pump cannot start or has difficulty starting:

Check whether the power supply is normal and whether the cable is damaged.

Clear the blockage in the pump to ensure that the impeller can rotate freely.

Check whether the bearings are well lubricated, if necessary, add the appropriate amount of lubricant.

Insufficient flow or reduced head:

Check the inlet and outlet of the pump for blockages.

Check the impeller for wear or damage, repair or replace if necessary.

The pump may not be rotating at a sufficient speed, check if the drive is working properly.

Excessive noise:

Check that the pump is securely mounted, loose parts may cause noise.

Worn or damaged bearings may cause noise and need to be replaced promptly.

Check if there is foreign matter in the pump, cleaning foreign matter may reduce the noise.


Check seals for wear or damage, replace seals if necessary.

Check for loose connection bolts, tightening the bolts may solve the leakage problem.

Motor overheating:

Check if the motor load is too high, reduce the load or replace with a suitable motor.

Check whether the motor cooling fan is working properly to ensure good heat dissipation.

The above are some common failures and solutions, but the actual situation may vary depending on the specific model of the pump and the use of the environment. When encountering faults, it is best to refer to the manual of the pump or contact professional maintenance personnel to deal with them.


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