What is the role of the impeller in a gravel pump?

The impeller plays a vital role in the gravel pump, as shown in the following aspects:

1. Energy conversion:

The impeller rotates at high speed driven by the motor or other power source, converting the power into the kinetic energy of the fluid, so that the fluid obtains the force of forward movement.

2. Stirring and mixing:

The blades of the impeller keep stirring the gravel and the fluid during the rotation process, so that they can be fully mixed, preventing the gravel from settling and piling up, and ensuring the uniformity and stability of the conveyance.

3. Pressurizing effect:

With the rotation of the impeller, the fluid is gradually pushed to the outlet of the pump. In the process, the impeller exerts pressure on the fluid, so that its pressure gradually rises, thus realizing long-distance conveying.

4. Conveying function:

By cooperating with other parts of the pump body, the impeller conveys the mixed fluid containing gravel from the inlet to the outlet of the pump to accomplish the conveying task.


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