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What is the difference between percussion drilling and rotary drilling drilling?

The main differences between the drilling methods of percussion drilling and rotary drilling are as follows:

1. Different principles:

    - Impact drilling: utilizing impact energy to make the drill bit impact the strata and break the rock.

    - Rotary drilling: cutting or grinding the formation by rotating the drill bit.

2. Different applicable strata:

    - Impact drilling: applicable to hard strata and rocks.

    - Rotary drilling: better adaptability to various strata.

3. Different drilling speeds:

    - Percussion drilling: faster drilling speed in certain hard strata.

    - Rotary drilling: Generally the drilling speed is relatively stable.

4. Different hole wall quality:

    - Percussive drilling: The hole wall may be relatively rough.

    - Rotary drilling: Smoother walls can be obtained. 

5. Differences in equipment characteristics:

    - Percussion drilling: equipment is usually simple.

    - Rotary drilling: equipment may be more complex.

6. Different noise levels:

    - Percussive drilling: more noisy.

    - Rotary drilling: relatively quiet.

7. Different requirements for drill bits:

    - Impact drilling: the drill bit needs to have high wear resistance and impact resistance.

    - Rotary drilling: the cutting performance and wear resistance of the drill bit are more important.

In practical application, it is necessary to choose the appropriate drilling method according to the specific geological conditions and engineering requirements.


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