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What are the steps for installing a sand pump?

The installation steps of sand pump are as follows:

1. Select the installation location:

Ensure that the installation location is level and stable, with enough space for operation and maintenance.

2. Check the pump body:

Before installation, check whether the pump body is intact, with no damage or leakage.

3. Install the base:

Install the base of the pump in the selected position and make sure the base is level.

4. Connect piping:

According to the pump's inlet and outlet directions, connect the inlet and outlet pipes correctly, and make sure that the connection is tight and there is no leakage.

5. Fix the pump body:

Use bolts and other fixed parts to firmly install the pump body on the base.

6. Install the drive shaft:

If the pump has a drive shaft, install it correctly to the pump body and drive unit.

7. Connect the power supply:

Connect the power cord to a power outlet or control cabinet in accordance with the pump's electrical requirements.

8. Check seals:

Check the sealing parts of the pump to ensure good sealing and prevent leakage.

9. Fill with oil or grease:

According to the requirements of the pump, fill the bearings and other parts with appropriate amount of lubricating oil or grease.

10. Perform test run:

After the installation is completed, carry out a test run to check the operation of the pump, including noise, vibration and temperature.

11. Check for leaks:

Observe whether there is any leakage in each connection part of the pump.

12. Commissioning and calibration:

According to the actual need, debug and calibrate the pump to ensure that its performance meets the requirements.

During installation, the pump should be operated in strict accordance with the installation instructions of the pump, and if necessary, professional personnel can be hired to carry out the installation.


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