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What are the precautions when using the sand pumping pump?

sand pumping pumps need to pay attention to the following points when using:

1. Understand the working environment:

Clarify the sand quality, particle size, conveying distance, etc., and choose a suitable sand pump.

2. Installation is solid:

Ensure that the pump body is firmly installed to avoid shaking during operation.

3. Check before starting:

Check whether the parts are connected tightly and whether the lubricant is sufficient. 4.

4. Avoid idling:

Idling may cause damage to the pump.

5. Monitor the running status:

Observe the running condition of the pump, such as noise, vibration, etc., and deal with the abnormality in time.

6. Regular maintenance:

Carry out maintenance according to regulations and check the impeller, bearings and other wear parts.

7. Prevent overloading:

Do not exceed the rated power and flow rate of the pump.

8. Pay attention to the power supply voltage:

Maintain a stable power supply.

9. Prevent clogging:

Clean debris and sediment from the pump in a timely manner.

10. Safe Operation:

Follow the operating procedures to avoid accidents.

11. Storage protection:

Pay attention to moisture-proof and dust-proof when storing.

12. Train operators:

Ensure that the operator is familiar with the operation and maintenance of the pump.


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