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What is the difference between a slurry pump and a sand pump?

There are some differences between mud pumps and sand pumps, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Applicable media:

mud pumps are mainly used for conveying mud containing higher solid phase particles; sand pumping pumps are mainly used for pumping media with larger particles such as sand.

2. Abrasion resistance:

Sand pumping pumps are usually more wear-resistant than mud pumps, because it needs to deal with rougher media.

3. Head and flow rate:

There may be differences between the two in head and flow, depending on the different models and specifications.

4. structural design:

In order to adapt to different working conditions, their structural design may also be different.

5. Usage scenarios:

Mud pumps are commonly used in drilling, mining and other fields; sand pumps are more often used in sand quarries, river dredging and so on.

6. Impeller shape:

The shape of the impeller may be different to adapt to the transportation of different media.

7. Price:

Due to the differences in performance and use, the price may also be different.

Double-Suction Horizonta Slurry Pump

Double-Suction Horizonta Slurry Pump


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