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What are the advantages of PDC drill bit over ordinary drill bit

PDC drill bits have the following advantages over ordinary drill bits: 

  1. High hardness and wear resistance: The diamond particles in PDC drill bits have extremely high hardness and wear resistance, which can greatly extend the service life of drill bits.

  2.  High cutting speed: PDC drill bits have high cutting speed, which can improve the drilling efficiency and reduce the drilling cost.

  3. Good impact resistance: PDC drill bits have good impact resistance and can withstand high impact forces, which is suitable for drilling in hard rock formations.

  4. Good thermal stability: PDC drill bits have good thermal stability and can work at high temperatures, which is suitable for deep drilling. 

  5. Easy to manufacture: PDC drill bits are easy to manufacture and can be mass-produced, which reduces production costs.

    PDC drill bits have higher hardness, wear resistance, cutting speed, impact resistance and thermal stability than ordinary drill bits, which can improve drilling efficiency and reduce drilling costs.


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