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The difference between hydraulic and pneumatic of water well drilling rigs

These three models are all water well drilling rigs, but there are essential differences:

Hydraulic water well drilling rig:

Paired with a mud pump for water supply, it is relatively inexpensive and has a moderate drilling speed, making it suitable for individuals or small drilling companies who have just started working in the drilling industry;

Pneumatic water well drilling rig:

Paired with an air compressor for construction, it is characterized by high efficiency and fast speed. It can drill a water well over 100 meters deep per day. However, due to the equipped air compressor, the initial investment is relatively large, making it suitable for some medium-sized water well drilling service companies to use;

Mud pump and air compressor 2 in 1 drilling rig:

A drilling rig designed based on the characteristics of the two water well drilling rigs mentioned above, which can be used in conjunction with mud pumps for water drilling operations or air compressors for air drilling operations. It is versatile and highly recommended for drilling companies that drill wells year-round.


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