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Precautions for construction of water well drilling rig

1. The drilling site should be kept clean.

2. When installing and disassembling the drilling rig, it is necessary to ensure correctness and completeness.

3. When lifting the mast of the drilling rig, the operator should stand in a safe position.

4. When starting the electric motor, all friction clutches of the drilling rig should be opened.

5. It is strictly prohibited to remove the protective cover when the drilling rig is working.

6. Before starting work, the reliability of the braking device and the performance of the friction clutch and starting device should be checked.

7. Before the motor stops, it is prohibited to inspect the drilling rig.

8. It is strictly prohibited to tighten any parts of the drilling rig during operation.

9. When the drilling rig is in operation, refueling is strictly prohibited. The refueling of the upper pulley of the mast should be carried out when the drilling rig is stopped.

10. Before the motor stops, it is not allowed to work on the mast.

11. In any case, when someone is working on the upper section of the mast, no other personnel are allowed to stay under the mast.

12. In case of severe weather (rainstorm, heavy snow, ice or wind above force 5), it is not allowed to work on the mast. At the same time, it is not allowed to use artificial lighting to work on the mast.

13. It is strictly prohibited to use wire ropes with cracked strands.

14. When lifting and lowering drilling tools, it is strictly prohibited to touch the steel wire rope with your hands.

15. Except for lifting the drilling rig and lowering the drilling pipe, it is strictly prohibited to open the wellhead.

16. To prevent the shaking of drilling tools or extraction tubes when taken out of the well, hooks made of steel rods with a diameter of 15-20mm must be used to hook them.

17. When cleaning the suction cup, a sturdy and reliable steel wire rope should be used to form a loop, which should be wrapped at the bottom of the suction cup and flipped over.

18. When using a pulley to lift or lower the casing, and when the machine is working on salvage, all workers should leave the drilling.

19. When using a crane to pull out the casing, it is necessary to fix it together to prevent it from falling off.

20. When the lighting is stopped (at night), drilling work should be stopped. When the drilling tool is still in the well, it should be carefully removed from the well.


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