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Preparation work before drilling

Preparation work before drilling

① According to the selected drilling rig, install the drilling rig, mud mixer, mud pump, etc. in sequence, and ensure that all mechanical equipment is installed horizontally, correctly, and firmly.

② After the installation of the equipment is completed, it is necessary to check the center of the drilling hole, the center of the turntable, and drive to ensure that the three are on the same vertical line.

③ Seriously improve various safety facilities, install protective covers on the operating parts of the machine, install safety covers or protective barriers on the belt transmission parts, install lightning rods during construction in thunderstorm seasons, and ensure that the casing of equipment such as motors is grounded.

④ Install a protective hole tube, and the diameter and depth of the protective hole tube should be determined based on the individual conditions of the rock layer and the scale of the well opening. The inner diameter of the protective hole tube is generally 50-100mm larger than the drilling bit of the well, and the depth of its insertion should be 1m below the impermeable layer or diving level. The length of its insertion is generally 2-10m. When inserting the protective hole tube, the gap between the rock layer and the protective hole tube should be measured to reduce the gap, and it should be filled and compacted with clay or clay balls.

⑤ Install drilling tools, drill rods, water faucets, connect high-pressure rubber hoses, square drill rods, and drill bits, and clamp the square drill rods in the center of the turntable. During the entire drilling process, the contractor should adopt corresponding drill bit types, drilling technical parameters, and operating methods according to different depths and properties of strata, and strictly follow the technical requirements for agricultural well drilling during construction.


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