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How to choose a PDC bit with reliable quality

Choosing a reliable pdc bit product requires considering the following factors:

1. Manufacturer's reputation: A manufacturer with a good reputation and reputation can ensure the quality of their products. You can understand the quality of a manufacturer's products by reviewing their customer reviews, product quality certification, and other information.

2. Product quality certification: Check if the PDC bit product has passed relevant quality certification, such as API certification. These certifications can ensure that the product meets relevant quality standards and requirements.

3. Composite quality: The composite quality of PDC bits is a key factor affecting their service life and drilling effectiveness. We should choose composite discs with stable quality and good wear resistance to ensure the service life and drilling effect of the drill bit.

4. Metal substrate quality: The metal substrate of PDC bit should have sufficient strength and hardness to support and protect the composite sheet. A metal substrate with stable quality and corrosion resistance should be selected.

5. Drilling parameters: The drilling parameters of PDC bits can also affect their service life and drilling effectiveness. Suitable drilling parameters should be selected based on factors such as the hardness of the drilling formation, drilling speed, and drill bit diameter.

6. Price: The price of PDC bits is also an important factor in choosing. We should choose products with reasonable prices and high cost-effectiveness, while also paying attention to avoiding choosing products with low prices.


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