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How to choose the right drill size?

Choosing the right drill bit size requires consideration of a number of factors, and the following are some suggestions:

- When drilling in rocks containing clay

As the clay is thinner, it can cause frequent blockages in the slag discharge holes, so you can choose a side slag discharge bit.

- When producing in hard rock

Due to the high strength of the rock, each pillar tooth and drill bit need to bear a large amount of load, so it is necessary to choose a drill bit with high strength of the bit body and pillar teeth.

- When producing in soft rock with good drillability

The drilling speed is faster, and it is necessary to choose the one with higher slag discharge volume and slag discharge quality, and it can choose the one with four-wing shape.

- When drilling in rocks with better toughness

You can choose a wedge tooth drill bit to ensure safe production.

When choosing the size of the drill bit, it is also necessary to consider the borehole size, casing size, stratigraphic conditions and other factors to ensure the smooth progress of the drilling process.


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