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How to avoid problems such as stuck and buried drills during drilling?

In the process of drilling, the following measures can be taken to avoid problems such as stuck drill and buried drill:

1. Make a good geological survey:

Understand the geological conditions of the drilling area, including stratigraphic structure, rock type, etc., in order to choose suitable drilling parameters and tools.

2. Maintain good mud performance:

Use suitable mud to ensure its good wall protection and sand-carrying capacity.

3. Reasonable selection of drill bits:

Choose the right type and size of drill bit according to the geological conditions.

4. Control drilling speed:

Avoid too fast or too slow drilling speed and adjust it according to the geological conditions.

5. Pay attention to drilling parameters:

Pay attention to the torque, rotational speed and other parameters to ensure that they are within a reasonable range.

6. Regular inspection of drilling tools:

Check whether the drill bit, drill pipe, etc. are worn or damaged, and replace them in time.

7. Keep the drilling rig stable:

Make sure the drilling rig is firmly installed to avoid shaking during drilling.

8. closely monitor the drilling situation:

Detect abnormal conditions and take measures in time.

9. Be careful when encountering complicated strata:

If encountering faults, broken zones, etc., the drilling speed should be reduced appropriately.

10. Improve the operator's skills:

Operators should be professionally trained and have rich experience and skills. 11.

11. Formulate emergency plan:

Formulate contingency plan in advance for possible jamming and buried drilling problems.

12. Timely cleaning of foreign objects in the hole:

Prevent foreign matter from clogging the drill hole and affecting drilling.

13. Pay attention to the connection of the drill pipe:

Ensure that the drill pipe is firmly connected to avoid falling off during drilling.


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