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What should be done after the mud pump fails?

After the mud pump malfunction, you can follow the steps below:

1. Stop the machine immediately:

Avoid further expansion of the fault.

2. Check the fault phenomenon:

Observe and record the specific manifestations of the fault, such as abnormal sound, vibration, temperature, etc.

3. Examine the cause:

According to the fault phenomenon, make a preliminary judgment on the possible causes.

4. Check the power supply and circuit:

Ensure that the power supply is normal and troubleshoot the circuit.

5. Check the mud condition:

Check whether the concentration and viscosity of the mud meet the requirements.

6. Check the pump components:

Such as impellers, bearings, seals, etc. for damage or wear.

7. Clean the pump body and piping:

Remove any debris that may be clogging.

8. Replace damaged parts:

If you find damaged parts, replace them promptly.

9. Repair seal leaks:

Ensure that the pump is sealed properly.

10. Adjust operating parameters:

For example, flow rate, pressure, etc., so that it meets the requirements.

11. Refer to the instruction manual:

Find the relevant troubleshooting methods.

12. If you have difficulty handling the pump yourself, contact a service professional:

Avoid misuse that may lead to more serious problems.

13. Record the troubleshooting process and results:

Provide reference for subsequent maintenance and management.

14. After the repair is completed, carry out a test run:

Ensure that the pump has returned to normal operation.

15. Enhance routine maintenance and repair:

Prevent recurrence of failure.


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