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How to extend the service life of the drill bit?

Here are some ways to extend the service life of drill bits:

1. Reasonable selection of drill bits:

Choose the right type and material of drill bit according to the work demand.

2. Maintain good lubrication:

Use proper lubricant to reduce friction and wear.

3. Proper installation and disassembly:

Avoid forcible installation or disassembly to avoid damage to the drill bit.

4. Control drilling speed:

Avoid too fast or too slow to avoid excessive wear.

5. Regular maintenance and repair:

Clean the dirt and check the wear of the drill bit.

6. Avoid overloading:

Do not exceed the load capacity of the drill bit.

7. Ensure stability of processed material:

Reduce jitter and vibration.

8. follow the instruction manual:

Follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

9. Cool properly:

Prevent deformation or damage to the drill bit caused by overheating.

10. Take care when storing:

Avoid moisture, corrosion, etc.


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