Tricone Drill Bits

A tricone drill bit, also known as a roller cone bit, is a type of drill bit commonly used in the oil and gas industry and other drilling applications. It is named for its three rotating cones, each of which has teeth or inserts that engage with the rock formations being drilled.

Tricone Roller Cone drill bits Customized

Tri-cone roller cone drill bits Customized each cone can be rotated individually when the drill string rotates the body of the bit. The cones have roller bearings fitted at the time of assembly. The rolling cutting bits can be used to drill any formations if the proper cutter, bearing, and nozzle are selected.

Tricone Drill Bits

Instructions for tricone drill bit use

In our drilling process, the tri-cone bit is widely used as an important down-hole tool. In the process of use, we must use the correct method to operate the bit, to increase the efficiency of the bit and also Extend the life of the drill. Below, we introduce the correct use of roller cone drills:

1. It is forbidden to heat the drill (such as welding, boiling, fire roasting, etc.). The new drill can’t be soaked with oil and forced to move the cone.

2. Nozzles produced by our company shall be used and loaded and unloaded by regulations. It is forbidden to use nozzles with erosion marks, notches, cracks, and other defects.

3. When the drill bit is used later, the operator should judge and analyze the condition of the well at any time. If the drilling speed is too slow, the teeth have worn out. They should stop using it. If the pump pressure changes suddenly, they should start drilling to check the nozzle and flow channel.

4. Please select the applicable formation and applicable parameters of the drill bit according to this manual.

5. The bottom of the well must be clean, and the drill bit must not be expanded or drilled.

6. The performance of ground equipment and mud must meet the requirements of construction, and the starting and drilling and drilling operations should be balanced.

Tricone Drill Bits

Tricone Drill Bits

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