Drag bits

A drag bit is a drill bit usually designed for use in soft formations such as sand, clay, or some soft rock. However, they will not work well in coarse gravel or hard rock formations. Uses include drilling water wells, mining, geothermal, environmental and exploration drilling.

Drag bits description

Drag bits have a wide range of drilling applications including environmental, exploration, geothermal, water well, road construction, and natural gas and oilfield drilling.

The best application for these types of drill bits is softer, unconsolidated formations like clays, shale, sands, and soft limestone.

drag bit

Standard three wings/blades step drag Bit, diamond drag bit
The Drag Bits can penetrate softer formations such as stiff clays and mudstones very quickly. Usually used for construction or other site investigation projects. It has two types, Step Type and Chevron Type.

we can offer different size , 2 blade, 3 blade or 4 blade,we can design the special size per customers' requirements, usually below spec can be availbe:
4.1/2", 4.3/4", 5.1/8", 5.5/8", 5.7/8", 6.1/4", 6.3/4", 6.5/8" 7.3/8" 9.7/8", 11.1/2" etc. TC Drag bits are also avaiable.
Non standard also can be offered as your need.

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drag bit

we can make drill bit base on your detail requirement