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Three points to pay attention to when purchasing submersible pumps

Submersible pump is an important equipment for deep well water extraction. Faced with a large number of brands and products with different performance on the market, how should we choose? 

For buyers, the following aspects need to be noted during the procurement process:

1、 Materials: 

      Most enterprises choose inferior materials due to insufficient motor materials in order to reduce costs. When purchasing, attention the products materials;

2、 Selection: 

      (1). If the minimum, normal, and maximum flow rates have been given in the production process, the maximum flow rate should be considered;

      (2). If only normal flow rate is given in the production process, a certain margin should be considered;

      (3). If the basic data only provides weight flow rate, it should be converted into volume flow rate;

3、 Wear: 

      The mechanical friction loss of the impeller ring, bearing, and shaft seal can easily lead to unqualified product efficiency, and timely inspection is important.


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