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What safety issues need to be noted when using the water well drilling rig?

When using the water well drilling rig, you need to pay attention to the following safety issues:

1. Training and qualification:

Operators should be professionally trained and have appropriate operating qualifications.

2. Inspection of equipment:

Before use, carefully check the condition of all parts of the drilling rig.

3. personal protection:

Wear appropriate personal protective equipment, such as safety helmet, protective glasses, etc.

4. electrical safety:

Pay attention to the safety of electric circuits to prevent electric shock accidents.

5. Site leveling:

Ensure that the working site is level and avoid tilting the rig. 6.

6. Compliance with operating procedures:

Strictly follow the operating procedures of the drilling rig.

7. Monitor the operation status:

Pay close attention to the operation status of the drilling rig and deal with any abnormalities in time.

8. Prevent overloading:

Avoid overloading the drilling rig to avoid damaging the equipment.

9. Regular maintenance:

Carry out regular maintenance on the drilling rig to ensure its good performance.

10. fire and explosion prevention:

Take fire and explosion-proof measures to prevent accidents.

11. Adverse weather response:

Pay attention to the protection of the drilling rig in bad weather conditions.

12. safety warning signs:

Set up obvious safety warning signs.


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