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How to check the status of each component of the drilling rig?

The following are general steps for checking the condition of each component of the rig:

1. Appearance Inspection:

Observe whether there is any obvious damage, deformation or corrosion.

2. lubrication system:

Check the level and quality of lubricating oil.

3. power system:

Including engine, motor, etc., check whether the operation is normal.

4. Transmission system:

Check whether the chain, belt, etc. are worn or loose.

5. drill bits:

Check the drill bit for wear and sharpness.

6. Drill pipe:

Check for bends, cracks or wear.

7. hydraulic system:

Check hydraulic fluid level and seal condition.

8. electrical system:

Check whether the wires and cables are intact and well insulated.

9. Fasteners:

Check whether the bolts and nuts of each component are tight.

10. brake system:

Make sure the brakes are sensitive and reliable.

11. cooling system:

Check the level and circulation of coolant.

12. walking system:

If the rig has a walking function, check the condition of the tires or tracks.

13. control system:

Test the function of various control buttons and handles for proper function.

14. safety devices:

Verify that the safety guards are complete and effective.

15. filters:

Check the cleanliness of air, oil and other filters.

When carrying out the inspection, it should be carried out in strict accordance with the operation manual and maintenance guide of the rig.


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