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What is the difference between impact and rotary drilling rigs?

The difference between impact drilling rigs and rotary drilling rigs is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Working principle:

    - Impact drilling rigs break rocks by impact.

    - Rotary drilling rigs rely on the rotary drill bit to cut the ground.

2. Applicable strata:

    - Impact drilling rigs are suitable for hard strata.

    - Rotary drilling rigs have better adaptability to various formations.

3. Drilling speed:

    - Impact drilling rigs have faster drilling speeds in certain hard formations.

    - Rotary drilling rigs have relatively stable drilling speed.

4. equipment structure:

    - The structure of impact drilling rigs is relatively simple.

    - Rotary drilling rigs are relatively complex.

5. Hole size range:

    - Impact drilling rigs have a narrower range of hole diameters.

    - Rotary drilling rigs can drill a larger hole diameter.

6. Cost:

    - The cost of an impact drill is relatively low.

    - Rotary drilling rigs are more expensive.

7. Vibration and noise:

    - Impact drilling rigs are more vibratory and noisy.

    - Rotary drilling rigs are relatively less.

8. Range of application:

    - Impact drilling rigs are mainly used in water wells, piling and other fields.

    - Rotary drilling rigs are used in a wider range of applications, such as geological exploration and oil drilling.

When choosing a drilling rig, it is necessary to choose the right type of drilling rig based on comprehensive consideration of engineering needs, geological conditions and other factors.


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