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What aspects need to be noted in the daily maintenance and upkeep of the drill bit?

The routine maintenance and care of drill bits need to pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Regular inspection:

Check the drill bit for wear and tear, cracks, etc.

2. Cleaning and sanitation:

Keep the drill bit clean to avoid dirt accumulation.

3. lubrication maintenance:

According to the type of drill bit, carry out appropriate lubrication.

4. Storage:

Avoid moisture and corrosion, store in a dry and ventilated place. 

5. Avoid collision:

Prevent the drill bit from being damaged by external impact.

6. Standardized use:

Follow the correct use method and avoid overloading.

7. Matching tools check:

Ensure that the tools used with the drill bit are in good condition.

8. Anti-rust treatment:

Protect the metal drill bit from rust to prolong its service life.

9. Record maintenance:

Facilitate the tracking of the performance and life of the drill bit.

10. professional maintenance:

If necessary, send it to a professional for repair in time.

Doing a good job of routine maintenance and repair of drill bits can improve the performance and service life of drill bits, reduce costs and improve work efficiency.


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