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What are the usual causes of clogging in gravel pumps?

The reasons for sand and gravel pump clogging are as follows:

1. Sand and gravel particle size is too large:

When the particle size of the sand and gravel exceeds the passing capacity of the sand and gravel pump, the larger particles can not pass through the pump body smoothly, and are likely to accumulate in the pump inlet, impeller or pipeline, resulting in clogging.

2. The medium contains too high solid content:

If the solid particles content in the conveyed medium is too high, exceeding the handling capacity of the gravel pump, too many solid particles will gather in the pump, forming a blockage.

3. Pump suction line is not smooth:

Excessive bending of the suction line, the presence of foreign objects or clogging by sediments, etc., will affect the normal suction of the pump, so that the sand and gravel are blocked in the suction process, resulting in clogging.

4. The speed of the pump is not reasonable:

If the rotational speed is too high, it may make the sand and gravel in the pump residence time is too short, too late to discharge, thus accumulating clogging; while the rotational speed is too low may lead to the sand and gravel transport is not smooth, also easy to clog.

5. Medium precipitation or solidification:

In the conveying process, the medium may occur precipitation or solidification phenomenon, especially in the pump stops working for a period of time and then start, the precipitate or solidification is easy to clog the pump body.

6. Improper operation:

Such as suddenly stopping the pump operation, not following the correct operating procedures, etc., may lead to the accumulation of sand and gravel in the pump, forming a blockage.


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