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How to clean a gravel pump?

The following is a general method for cleaning gravel pumps:

1. Preparation:

Prepare cleaning tools and suitable cleaning fluid.

2. Disassemble the pump body:

Disassemble the gravel pump into individual parts according to the operating procedures.

3. Remove gravel:

Remove the grit and other impurities from the components with tools.

4. Soak cleaning:

Soak the parts in the cleaning solution for a period of time to allow the cleaning solution to fully dissolve and remove the dirt.

5. Brushing:

Carefully scrub the surface and crevices of the parts with a brush or other tool.

6. Rinse:

Rinse the parts with clean water to ensure that no cleaning solution remains.

7. Drying assembly:

Air dry or wipe dry the cleaned parts, then assemble the gravel pump in the correct order.

During the cleaning process, pay attention to safety to avoid damaging the pump parts. At the same time, according to the specific situation of the gravel pump and the use of the environment, choose the appropriate cleaning method and cleaning fluid.


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