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Safety Operating Regulations for Hydraulic Water Well Drilling Machines

Before operating the water well drilling rig, the operator should carefully read the "Water Well drilling rig User Manual" and proficiently grasp the performance structure, technical operation, maintenance and other matters.

2. drilling machine operators must undergo professional training in order to perform well.

3. The operator's personal clothing should fit and be tightly tied to avoid getting entangled with the moving components of the drilling machine, which may cause harm to the body.

4. The overflow valve and functional valve group in the hydraulic transmission system have been adjusted to the appropriate position cover when leaving the factory, and it is strictly prohibited to make adjustments arbitrarily. If debugging is necessary, it is necessary to have professional technicians or trained technicians strictly follow the requirements of the user manual to debug the working pressure of the water well drilling rig.

5. It is necessary to pay attention to the working environment around the drilling machine to avoid sinking and collapse.

6. Before starting the water well drilling rig, ensure that all components of the rig are intact and undamaged.

7. When the water well drilling rig is working, it should be operated within the specified speed and overloaded operation is strictly prohibited.

During the drilling process of a water well drilling rig, when threaded connections are used between the drill rods, it is strictly prohibited to reverse the power head to avoid thread detachment. It can only be reversed after adding or removing drill pipes, and the gripper firmly holds the drill pipe.

During the drilling process of a water well drilling rig, when adding drill rods, it is necessary to ensure that the threads at the connection of the drill rods are tightened to avoid thread detachment and unexpected situations such as the drill bit and gripper slipping off.

During the drilling process of the water well drilling rig, it is strictly prohibited to stand in front of the drilling machine, and the operator should stand on the side. It is strictly prohibited for other personnel to observe closely to avoid flying stones blowing out and injuring people.

11. When the water well drilling rig is running, operators should be particularly careful and pay attention to safety when approaching the exposed leakage area of the drilling rig.

When replacing hydraulic components, it is necessary to ensure that the hydraulic oil channel is clean and free of debris, and that it is done properly without pressure. The hydraulic components should have safety signs and be within their validity period.

13. The electromagnetic hydraulic transmission system is a precision component, and unauthorized removal is strictly prohibited to ensure the cleanliness of the oil passage.

14. When connecting the high-pressure air duct, there should be no debris at the interface and inside the duct to avoid damage to the battery valve core.

15. When the fuel in the atomizer is discharged, it should be replenished as soon as possible, and it is strictly prohibited to operate under fuel shortage conditions.

16. The four directional wheels of the lifting chain must be kept clean, and lubricating fuel should be added to the chain, and lubricating grease should not be added. 17. The motor gearbox should be properly maintained before each operation of the water well drilling rig.

When there is a hydraulic oil leak, stop working and maintain it before doing a good job.

19. When the machine is stopped and not in use, the power should be cut off as soon as possible


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