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Diesel generator set service

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Diesel generator set service

service system:

   One, pre-sale service

  Professional engineers provide users with pre-sales technical consultation and planning supporting guidance, such as unit selection, matching, computer room design, etc., answering difficult problems encountered by users during use and providing relevant technical guidance.

   2. On-sale service

   After receiving the user's notice, our company will immediately send professional technicians to the installation site to install and debug the unit, and cooperate with the user to do the acceptance work.

   Three, after-sales service

  1. Provide free computer room design and power distribution design;

   2. Free guidance for installation and commissioning;

    3. Free technical training and consultation for users' operation and maintenance personnel;

   4. Guide maintenance and maintenance;

   5. Establish customer files for end users, follow-up service, regular inspections, and lifetime maintenance;

   6. The company provides pure spare parts all year round, and the maintenance engineer can provide you with technical assistance at any time.


a. Warranty period: one year or 1000 hours of cumulative operation (both of whichever comes first). If the parts are damaged due to negligence in assembly by the manufacturer, or improper selection of design and raw materials, etc., it can be covered by other failures of the unit. The supplier is responsible for the warranty.

    B. Diesel generator set wearing parts, daily use accessories, damage caused by human error, negligence, etc., are not covered by this warranty. All parts outside the warranty period are provided at cost price, and service personnel arrive at the customer site or repair the unit at the factory until it can be used normally.

     Any abnormal failure of the unit during the warranty period:

     We promise to provide users with free maintenance services, arrive at the scene within 6 hours (or based on actual traffic conditions), and provide customers with voluntary warranty services; if repairs cannot be made within 12 hours, we will provide free replacement parts, and the warranty period of the replaced parts is from The date of replacement will be postponed accordingly; if the inspection personnel of the maintenance point cannot eliminate the fault, our company will send professional and technical personnel to the site to solve the fault in accordance with the written notice of the owner, and the cost incurred will be borne by our company.