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How to maintain the gasoline generator

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How to maintain the gasoline generator

1. Pay attention to the purification of gasoline generators: After the fuel tank is used for a period of time, some minerals or impurities will precipitate at the bottom of the tank, which should be removed or purified regularly. Otherwise, it will have a greater impact on the normal operation of the plunger and the fuel injection head, easily causing inaccurate fuel supply time, uneven fuel supply, poor fuel atomization, etc., resulting in increased fuel consumption and reduced power.

2. Timely removal of carbon deposits: During the operation of the gasoline generator, due to the high temperature generated by the relevant parts during the combustion process, the ash carbon polymer adheres to the valve, valve seat, fuel injection nozzle, piston top, etc., which will increase if it is not cleaned in time Fuel consumption will seriously affect the normal operation of the engine. Under normal circumstances, it is best to clear it every 4-6 months.455.jpg

3. Maintain a certain water temperature The cooling water temperature of the gasoline generator engine is maintained at about 45-65C. If the water temperature is too low, it will cause incomplete combustion of the gasoline generator and increase the load of the machine itself. The cooling water is best to use non-mineralized "soft water" (such as distilled water, rainwater), and it is not suitable to abuse sewage and muddy water.

4. Do not work with overload. The overload operation of the small horse-drawn cart makes a considerable part of the gasoline generators turn into black smoke, which does not exert effective performance, increases fuel consumption, and shortens the service life of related parts.

5. Regular inspection and maintenance: Pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of gasoline generators. Regular inspection and adjustment of valve clearance, fuel injection pressure, fuel supply time, etc., and timely elimination of scale and dirt in the cooling water jacket. Certain mechanical parts, such as valves, fuel injectors, etc., need to be repaired and replaced. Important parts should always be in good condition to avoid helplessness and powerlessness in emergency situations.