ABT205 FYX180 Used water well drilling rig machine

Max Drilling Depth: 200m
Machine Year: 2021
Drilling Tower: 3m
Type: crawler

FYX180 water well drilling rig Features: Water and gas dual-purpose crawler type 180 meters deep water drilling Features:

1. Equipped with 55KW Yuchai brand turbocharged engine with strong power;

2. Patented design compound boom, double cylinder lifting;

3. Each drilling rig is equipped with a baffle on the main arm to protect the oil cylinder;

4. Drilling rig chassis: professional excavator chassis, strong and durable, heavy-duty, wide chain plate, the drilling rig uses rubber tracks, high flexibility, less damage to hard roads.

5. Parallel transmission design, independent oil pump, sufficient power, reasonable distribution, unique hydraulic system design, simple maintenance and low cost.

6. The operating system is simple and easy to operate

7. Easy to load and unload on the truck

8. Dual systems can be added: 1. Air power system with air compressor 2. mud pump system with mud pump