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What are the disadvantages of centrifugal sand pump

Centrifugal sand pump is a common type of sand pump, which uses centrifugal force to transport sand and other particles. Although centrifugal sand pump has high efficiency, large flow rate and simple structure, it also has some disadvantages, including: 

  1. Low head:

    The head of centrifugal sand pump is relatively low, which limits its application in some fields that require high head.

  2. Poor wear resistance:

    The impeller and casing of centrifugal sand pump are prone to wear, which requires frequent maintenance and replacement, resulting in increased maintenance costs.

  3. Sensitive to particle size:

    Centrifugal sand pump is sensitive to the particle size of transported particles, and if the particle size is too large, it may cause blockage and reduce the efficiency of the pump.

  4. Noise and vibration:

    Centrifugal sand pump may generate noise and vibration during operation, which requires noise reduction and vibration reduction measures in some fields.

  5. Difficulty in self-priming:

    Centrifugal sand pump has poor self-priming ability, which requires additional priming devices in some fields.


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