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What types of bits do water well drilling rigs have?

Here are some common types of water well drill bits:

- Flat Bit:

Suitable for digging shallower boreholes, usually used for drilling soil and sandy soils.

- Core Bits: Bits used to collect rock samples, usually used in geological exploration and rock analysis.

- Hole drilling bits:

Mainly used in environmental engineering and soil sampling, capable of maintaining the diameter of the borehole.

- Water drilling bits:

Suitable for drilling deep wells, removing rock debris by cooling the mud and flushing the borehole.

- Core Drill Bits:

Diamond blades are used for hard rock and mineral exploration, enabling efficient sampling.

- Anchor Bits:

Mainly used for foundation work and rock anchoring, able to penetrate hard formations quickly.

- Drill Sampler:

Used to collect soil or rock samples for analysis and testing.

These bit types can be selected and combined to suit different geological conditions and drilling needs.


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