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What machine is used to drill boreholes

We always call The machine used to drill boreholes as borehole drilling rig. Borehole Drilling Rigs are specialized equipment designed specifically for the purpose of drilling holes into the ground to access various subsurface resources. These resources can include underground water sources, oil and gas reserves, or to install geotechnical instruments for scientific or engineering purposes.

Borehole drilling rigs come in different sizes and configurations to accommodate different drilling requirements. The choice of rig depends on factors such as the depth of the borehole, the type of formation being drilled, and the specific objectives of the drilling project. Some common types of borehole drilling rigs include:

a) Percussion Drilling Rigs: These rigs use a percussive drilling method, where a heavy drill bit is repeatedly raised and dropped to break through the rock or soil. They are typically used for shallow boreholes and are suitable for drilling through softer formations.

b) Rotary Drilling Rigs: Rotary rigs utilize a rotating drill bit to penetrate the ground. They are more versatile and can be used for drilling both shallow and deep boreholes in a wide range of formations. Rotary drilling rigs can employ different drilling techniques, such as direct mud rotary, reverse circulation, or air rotary, depending on the drilling conditions.

c) Sonic Drilling Rigs: Sonic rigs use high-frequency vibrations to penetrate the ground. These rigs are commonly used for environmental and geotechnical drilling, as the vibrations help to minimize soil disturbance and preserve sample integrity.

d) Auger Drilling Rigs: Auger rigs are primarily used for shallow, soft soil drilling. They employ a helical screw-like drill bit, called an auger, to excavate the soil and create the borehole.

e) Diamond Drilling Rigs: Diamond rigs are specialized rigs used for drilling in hard rock formations. They employ diamond-impregnated drill bits to grind through the rock, providing high-quality core samples.


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