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What is a truck mounted drill rig

A truck-mounted drill rig is a type of drilling equipment that is mounted on a truck chassis for mobility and ease of transportation. It combines the drilling capabilities of a rig with the mobility and versatility of a truck, allowing it to be easily moved between different job sites.

The main components of a truck-mounted drill rig typically include a drilling mechanism, such as a rotary or percussion drill, mounted on a mast or tower structure. The mast is usually hydraulically operated and can be raised, lowered, and tilted to facilitate drilling operations. The drill rig is powered by an engine located on the truck, which provides the necessary power for drilling operations.

Truck-mounted drill rigs are commonly used in various industries and applications that require drilling into the ground, such as geotechnical investigations, mineral exploration, water well drilling, and environmental sampling. They are particularly useful in projects that require frequent relocation or drilling in remote locations, as the truck-mounted design allows for easier transportation and setup compared to larger, stationary drill rigs.

truck-mounted drill rig


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