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What are the uses of the double-suction pump?

Double suction pumps have the following main applications:

1. Bulk water transfer: 

capable of meeting the demand for water transfer in large flows.

2. Industrial water supply: 

to provide water for production in factories, etc.

3. water conservancy engineering: 

used for water circulation in water conservancy facilities, etc.

4. urban water supply and drainage: 

including urban water supply and sewage drainage.

5. Agricultural irrigation: 

to ensure irrigation water for farmland.

6. Thermal power plants: 

transferring hot water or other liquids in thermal power plants.

7. Petrochemical industry: 

handling the transportation of various chemical media.

8. Fire-fighting system: 

providing power for fire-fighting water.

9. High-rise buildings: 

supplying water to high-rise buildings.


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