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How to maintain the water well drilling rig?

Here are some ways to maintain your water well drilling rig:

1. Regular maintenance:

Perform regular maintenance as required by the equipment manual.

2. Cleaning the rig:

Remove dirt, mud and debris.

3. check the parts:

Check the wear and tear of parts and replace damaged parts in time.

4. lubricate critical parts:

Ensure that the moving parts of the rig are well lubricated.

5. check the hydraulic system:

Keep the hydraulic oil clean and normal level.

6. check the electrical system:

Ensure that wires, plugs and sockets are not damaged.

7. proper storage:

Store the rig properly when not in use to avoid moisture and damage.

8. train the operator:

Make them aware of the key points of operation and maintenance of the rig.

9. Observe operating procedures:

Avoid damage to the rig caused by illegal operation.

10. Check the wire rope regularly:

If it is worn or damaged, replace it in time.

11. Pay attention to rust and corrosion prevention:

Treat metal parts against rust.

12. Check the drill bit:

Make sure the drill bit is sharp and replace it in time if it is badly worn.

13. Repair damaged parts:

Repair or replace malfunctioning parts in time.

14. establish maintenance files:

Record maintenance and repair.

15. Calibrate instruments regularly:

Ensure the accuracy of measuring instruments.


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