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How to choose the right bit for drilling hard rock?

Selecting a drill bit suitable for drilling hard rock requires consideration of the following factors:

1. Rock type:

Understand the hardness, toughness and other characteristics of the rock, choose the appropriate drill bit.

2. Drill bit material:

Such as diamond drill bits are suitable for high hardness rocks.

3. Shape of drill bit:

Different shapes of drill bits are suitable for different rock conditions and drilling requirements.

4. Diameter and hole size:

Select the appropriate drill bit according to the size of the hole.

5. Drilling speed:

According to the requirement of project progress, choose the drill bit with suitable drilling speed.

6. abrasion resistance:

Hard rock is more abrasive to the drill bit, so you need to choose a wear-resistant drill bit.

7. Manufacturer's reputation:

Choose well-known brands and manufacturers with good reputation.

8. Cost factor:

Consider the cost under the premise of meeting the demand.

9. Previous experience:

Refer to the experience of using drill bits in similar projects.

10. technical support:

Can the manufacturer provide good technical support and after-sales service.

11. drilling equipment compatibility:

Make sure the drill bit is compatible with the drilling equipment.

12. user evaluation:

Find out what other users say about the drill bit.

When choosing a drill bit, the above factors can be taken into consideration and weighed according to the specific situation to ensure that a drill bit suitable for drilling hard rock is selected.


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