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How long does it take to drill a 100 foot well

The time required to drill a 100 foot well may vary due to different factors, including drilling methods, equipment used, ground conditions, and the experience of drilling personnel.

Under normal conditions, using a rotary drilling rig can drill approximately 100 feet per day. This estimate assumes that drilling conditions are relatively easy and there are no significant obstacles or challenges encountered during the drilling process.

It should be noted that the drilling progress may be influenced by various factors, such as the type of rock or soil being drilled, the presence of water or groundwater, and any unexpected geological structures encountered. In some cases, drilling may progress slower due to the hard rock formations or difficulty in removing drilling debris.

Therefore, it is recommended that you consult a professional drilling company or contractor, who will provide you with a more accurate evaluation result based on your actual on-site evaluation situation.

How long does it take to drill a 100 foot well


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