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Daily maintenance and inspection of diesel generators

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Daily maintenance and inspection of diesel generators

  During the use of diesel generators, no matter what the generator is, some wear and aging will inevitably occur. In order to avoid major failures, we need to conduct regular maintenance and pay attention to its maintenance.


For diesel generators, we should check its oil and water levels every day during routine use, and regularly clean the unit and the working room where the unit is located every day or every other day. In addition to routine maintenance, the following tasks should be performed at least once a month:

1. Replace the cooling water in the unit, measure and record its PH value;

2. Check whether each connection point in the unit needs lubrication, especially whether the speed control lever can rotate flexibly;

3. Adjust the tightness of wind power and motor belts;

4. Conduct power generation test, check and record meter readings. There are also some maintenance tasks that need to be carried out every quarter, such as the treatment of diesel water and the cleaning of diesel filters.