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What safety issues should be noted when drilling a well?

The following safety issues need to be addressed when drilling a well:

Collapse Hazards:

- Close attention should be paid to the stability of the well wall to prevent it from collapsing and causing injury.

Mechanical Injuries:

- Ensure proper operation and maintenance of drilling equipment to avoid mechanical injury accidents caused by equipment failure.

Falls from heights:

- If there is work at height, such as operating on a derrick, set up reliable protective measures to prevent personnel from falling.

Electricity Safety:

- Ensure good insulation and proper wiring of electrical equipment to prevent electric shock accidents.

Toxic and Harmful Gases:

- Some strata may release toxic and hazardous gases, so make good ventilation tests to ensure personnel safety.

Object strikes:

- Prevent tools, parts and other objects from accidentally falling and causing blow injuries to personnel.

Construction site safety:

- Reasonably plan the site, keep the passageway free, and set up necessary warning signs.

Personnel fatigue:

- Reasonable arrangement of operating time, to avoid excessive fatigue of personnel operations leading to operational errors.

Extreme weather:

- Pay attention to preventing the impact of bad weather, such as high winds and heavy rain, on construction.


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